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From the Olive Tree is a UK based, family run business, supplying a variety of handmade olive wood souvenirs directly from a small Christian family in Bethlehem, the Holy Land. The family have been hand-carving for over 35 years and these precise skills have been passed from one generation to the next, creating master pieces with skill, quality and authenticity.

The olive tree is a symbol of persistence, hope and peace and is the sacred tree of the Holy Land. The wood that is used comes from the pruning of the trees to increase the yield of olives for the following years, or old trees that are no longer producing olives. In this instance, a new tree will be planted in its place. It is a slow growing wood with a diverse variety of natural colours and tonal depth, making each piece even more special, as no two pieces will be the same. The unique grains give each piece an extra special quality and individuality.

These hand carved nativities and souvenirs are sold within the markets of Bethlehem, next to the Church of the Nativity, standing at the birth place of Our Lord Jesus. For the past few decades, this trade has become one of the main sources of income for the Christians of Bethlehem.

We encourage you to take a look at the variety of items that we have and if there is anything you specifically want or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Featured Products

Round Bethlehem Nativity Scene

This detailed piece depicts the day of the birth of Jesus, including the Guardian Angel and the Star of Bethlehem.

This particular nativity is unique and comes in a variety of shapes, dependent on the shape and size of the branch it has been carved from.

Approx size: 9cm


Small Cave Nativity

This nativity is one of our most unique and impressive pieces. Each nativity scene is hand-carved into a detailed piece of olive wood with differing grains, bark and knots in the wood. 

The scene has beautifully hand-carved faceless figures that have been sanded and polished to produce the smoothest of finishes. Each piece has differing scenes and no two are the same, therefore your item may differ from the pictures.

This will be a spectacular centrepiece of any home at Christmas time.

Approx size: 20 x 10 x 10cm


Nativity Cut Out

This nativity scene has been handmade in Bethlehem. It has been carved into the natural branches of olive trees that grow across the Holy Land.

As well as Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus, you can also see the Star of Bethlehem. These can be stood up, laid down or hung on the wall.

Approx size: 12 x 8cm

Please Note: All our products are made from individual pieces of olive wood. Therefore each piece is unique and will have slight variations of colour and grain from the images shown. There may also be slight variations in weight.

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